The Homeschool Creators Manifesto


March 27, 2023

If you resonate with these words, then you’re in the right place…

The Backstory

Through the years, as I’ve attentively observed how different families integrate their work, study, and play into their homeschool, I have noticed patterns.  

I’ve been impressed to see how they teach essential values and ethics to their children in ways that are thoughtful, appropriate, and personalized.

I’ve been encouraged to see how they work together for a common cause and how this unifies them, strengthens them, and gives them perspective to stick to the task at hand.

I’ve seen how they handle disappointments, how they support each other through good and bad, and how they celebrate successes, whether big or small.

And watching these events always seems to give me pause…

Now I am fully aware that I have observed all of this as an outsider, not as a parent or child in any given situation.  

I am also fully aware that nothing ever seems to go right absolutely all of the time.  And sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it can all just seem to turn into the equivalent of a stinking pile of horrible garbage…

And that’s okay!

Because what matters most is what happens next.  And that is why I wrote this manifesto.  Because remembering the why is what will actually get you to the finish line.

Putting It Into Words

We all know that words are indeed very powerful.  

They can break down, or they can build up.  

They can confuse, or they can enlighten.  

They can narrow our thinking, or they can expand our imagination.

And sometimes, they can be just what we need to dig in, steel our resolve, and live to fight another day, knowing that, in the big scheme of things (to quote a beloved literary character):

"Tomorrow is

always fresh 

with no mistakes in it."

Anne Shirley

from Anne of Green Gables

So with this in mind, here is my little contribution to the cause, because I truly believe that when fundamentals are defined, clarity is found, and success becomes achievable.  

The why leads to the what, which becomes the how.

In other words, when you know where you’re going and why you’re going there, the beam of light appears, you can trust that your compass is aligned to true north, and you are able to skillfully steer your ship safely into harbor.

So without further ado, here is The Homeschool Creators Manifesto…

Does this put a spring in your step and a fire in your belly?

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About the Author...

Leah Stallard

Leah Stallard is the creator of and and is a teacher, entrepreneur, performer, and speaker. She helps homeschool parents teach more effectively by showing them how to discover and support their children's natural learning abilities. This eliminates contention, whining, and complaining, leading to a love of learning and their children's desire to become self-motivated, mission driven adults with a world class education.

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