The Big “Why”


January 2, 2023

"Education is not preparation for life; 

education is life itself."


Welcome to the first inaugural issue of my online magazine, Homeschool Moms Hub!  As our tagline says, it is “Your Place for Encouragement, Inspiration and Everyday How-To.”  My name is Leah Stallard and as the creator and founder, I want to take this opportunity to personally say thank you for joining this community from the very beginning!

Getting Personal…

First, I need to share something… I do not have children of my own and so I am not a homeschool mom.  However, I do have a background in education, specifically a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts Studies with a minor in Music and a double emphasis in Directing and Children’s Theatre as well as a Master of Education in Curriculum with an emphasis in Integrated Teaching Through the Arts.  (Yes, I know that sounds like a bunch of jargon…)   

This basically means that I have had lots of practice in using the arts as tools to teach the core subjects of math, science, language arts, and social studies.  And this results in kids who are highly engaged and excited to learn and who usually beg for more when the lesson comes to an end.

Now that’s super cool, if you ask me!  

I have taught children for over 20 years now in many different settings including public schools, after-school and summer programs, and homeschool co-ops.  And of all of the education models I have worked in, I love homeschooling the most for its flexibility, its ability to customize to each child’s needs, and its ample opportunities for one-on-one mentoring.  

One of my most favorite teaching experiences was when I helped a group of high school aged homeschoolers with their production of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.  I had specifically been asked to help with costumes and since I was working in a room that was just behind the stage, I had the opportunity to interact with these homeschoolers quite frequently.  

I always found these young adults to be kind, courteous, and above all, interesting to talk to because they were outgoing, helpful and highly engaged in their studies.  Yet what I enjoyed the most was listening to their conversations with each other as they sat in the hall just outside my workroom.  Yes, they were regular teenagers and talked frequently of their social lives.  They also talked very aptly of current issues in the news, of classic books they were reading, and of new philosophical ideas they were exploring.

I have also worked in public high schools with children of the same age and the differences between the public school kids and these homeschoolers were stark…

While most of the public school students were amiable and willing to help, I did not experience the depth of understanding and the ability to have a meaningful conversation with them like I did with these homeschoolers.   These homeschoolers were perfectly comfortable talking with adults, just as much as with their peers, and did both quite well. 

In short, they were thriving in their environment and, needless to say, I was very impressed.  (Plus it was super fun to costume them because they chose to stage their production with a Lord of the Rings theme!  Here’s a photo of one of their outdoor performances with Lorenzo (aka Legolas) waiting to enter from behind.)

It Comes Down To This

So when people ask me why I think homeschooling is so important, it really comes down to one reason.  History has proven that the future of a country directly depends upon the education of its children.

I think we can all agree on some level that the public education system in this country is in serious need of some help.  I value homeschooling because I believe that it can be a major player in the long-term effort to change the education of all of the children in this country for the better… 

Now I will be the first to say that homeschooling is not for everyone, but obviously it is for you, otherwise you would not be reading this.  We both know that when homeschooling is done well, kids have an amazing opportunity to get a world-class education that will mold them into outstanding citizens, responsible parents, and fulfilled entrepreneurs, managers, technicians, teachers, engineers, or whatever else they decide to be. 

In other words, when children are well educated, they grow up with the understanding of just how important it is for us to live in a free society that allows us the freedom and liberty to follow our own educational path and live purposeful, self-directed lives.  And when they understand this, they will teach this to their children and fight for the right to keep it that way. 

So helping you in your homeschool is, ultimately, my way of contributing to the cause of liberty.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”

The Mission

While there is no homeschooling in my own house, I do have many family and close friends who homeschool and so I know that homeschooling can also be an all-encompassing endeavor.  This is why I started Homeschool Moms Hub.

The mission of this online magazine is to help you along in your journey— to offer encouragement on the days when you need it most, to inspire you with stories of how other homeschooling families have had success, and to give you practical suggestions that get you excited to start your homeschooling day.

Above all, I want this to be a community of people who love homeschooling and my hope is that you will find value in every issue and that you will tell your friends about it so they can benefit from it, too.

Who I Think You Are

As I worked to begin this endeavor, it was suggested to me that I needed to think about and deeply understand my “ideal reader”…

So while I don’t personally know you, I have a pretty good idea that you are probably someone who values your own continuing education, who diligently teaches your children about the value of work and committed study, and who loves to curl up with a good book.  I would also venture to say that you are someone who is industrious, creative, and positive.

If this describes you, then you are in the right place…

An Invitation

As I write this, I am the sole writer for Homeschool Moms Hub.  However, the goal is to enlist you, my readers, to join me in sharing your wisdom and experiences with our community.  So if you have ideas and insights about homeschooling that you want to share, I invite you to click on the image of the woman sitting at a desk on the sidebar of this page that says “Want to Write For Us?” for all of the information you’ll need to submit your article.  I really hope you will seriously consider sharing with our community so we can all benefit from your unique experiences and perspectives...

I look forward to supporting you through this inbox magazine as you work to educate our next generation of parents, leaders, and citizens.  You are doing a good and noble work.  Keep fighting the good fight and know that Homeschool Moms Hub will be here to support you and your children in your journey.

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