About this Site...

Homeschool Moms Hub™ is a special place where you will find encouragement, inspiration, and everyday how-to ideas so your homeschool can be everything you want it to be.  

It is a community of likeminded homeschooling families like you who are passionate about providing the best education you can so your children will grow up to be strong, capable, intelligent citizens who have clarity, direction, and purpose.

My name is Leah Stallard, creator of Playing2Learn.com™ and HomeschoolMomsHub.com™.  And before you read any further, I need to share something… I do not have children of my own and so I am not a homeschool mom.

However, I have been involved in education and taught children for over 20 years now in many different settings including public schools, after-school and summer programs, and homeschool co-ops. And of all of the education models I have worked in, I love homeschooling the most for its flexibility, its ability to customize to each child’s needs, and its ample opportunities for one-on-one mentoring.  

The Mission

So while there is no homeschooling in my own house, I do have many family members and close friends who homeschool and so I know that homeschooling can be an all-encompassing endeavor.  This is why I started Homeschool Moms Hub™.

The mission of this online magazine is to help you along in your journey— to offer encouragement on the days when you need it most, to inspire you with stories of how other homeschooling families have had success, and to give you practical suggestions that get you excited to start your homeschooling day.

Above all, I want this to be a community of people who simply love homeschooling and my hope is that you will find value in every issue and then tell your friends about it so they can benefit from it, too.

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Again, welcome to Homeschool Moms Hub™!  I look forward to serving and supporting you in your journey as you inspire and educate the next generation…

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